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2017 guiyang online marathon medal custom find crossbow bo!

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-03
On July 15, the largest sports social platform splash will lead to guiyang online marathon. As & other; Silver medal events & throughout; , as well as the summer capital of the guiyang open barbecue patterns across the country, runners across the country, to a summer marathon. Source: guiyang net the guiyang marathon online MEDALS, inspired by generations of large Angle of silver, guizhou miao miao worship the moon god, every time I put on a big silver Angle is an offering of the moon; Silver Angle docking one medallion sun lines or spends, pattern above have radial sector, symbol of the rising sun, radiant, with & other; Shine like the sun and moon, Yin and Yang to reconcile & throughout; The moral of. On the obverse with fine craft carving the architectural landscape, miao totem of guiyang city, the two complement each other, constitute a highlight the colorful picture of the guiyang humanistic amorous feelings. With brown leather strap, of primitive simplicity and easy, not only the symbol of the glory of the finished, full of national characteristics of deserve to act the role of the good life is rich in the future. The most suitable moment, plump online marathon is night 21 points, choose green high level run. Feeling became clean air, the hustle and bustle of day also slowly deep down, and the wind, lifted slightly ying ying, the breath of the city as the dark night, become clear. Looked as if within easy reach of the bright sky, bright moon, look around the flickering shadows around streetlights, to transcend time and space of the calm heart run, 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, half horse and the horse, to enjoy, is that a & other; Wanli zhuifeng month throughout the &; Refined, a sports and healthy little really fortunate. Online marathon medal order: https://www. nobleaward。 com/
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