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2017 treadmills mountain mountain marathon match time and finish the MEDALS

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-01
Source: China marathon network in order to ensure the safety of competitors race, match line paragraphs set during closing time. Within the prescribed period of time, not run the distances of the contestants will stop the game, out of the track, thank you for your cooperation. Quit the game players to spike take shelter along the car reached the finishing line. Treadmills mountain mountain marathon this year will be on national grade A tournament in combination with mass national fitness, let all the runners have the special experience of high level sports event, feel the enthusiasm of the northeast Asia is the most beautiful tourist town. Treadmills mountain mountain marathon finish MEDALS, the theme for this event, & other; Passion and beyond, dreams & throughout; 。 Event route to further upgrading, treadmills mountains government made a comprehensive renovation of track. Circuit based on the century square of city, via aobao ridge track entrance, red oak ridge, jade emperor peak provincial forest park, jas rhue wetland state-level scenic area to finish the snake hole mountain, vegetation cover, the air is fresh, the scenery along the picturesque. Crossbow, arts and crafts professional custom marathon medal, games MEDALS, MEDALS, the Olympic Games medal as well as a variety of games MEDALS, enterprise MEDALS, and so on! 33 years of experience, for better service customers!
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