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6 you have to need to pay attention to the acrylic screen printing process improvement

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-11
Acrylic screen printing machine on market at present the product application scope is more and more widely, the demand for acrylic screen printing machine is becoming more and more high, especially the acrylic screen printing, it is a challenge for acrylic processing manufacturers, also is an opportunity, control of high quality acrylic screen printing technology, is an important technology of acrylic processing power. Six acrylic screen printing technology have to need to pay attention to matters need to be aware of: a, achieve good image copy is a basic requirement for transparent Yang figure of film quality is better, namely printing dot to edges and opaque. Color separation film and printing ink to use same quality standard used in acrylic screen printing machine. 2, process improvement Yang figure film on glass plate, and then use exposure machine after exposure, the good screen on Yang figure film, tense and axis parallel with the images. If a turtle grain, rotating screen to right or left, until the turtle lines disappear. The area of turtle grain on the direction of the wire net wire and wire mesh intersections. The main color and dark color cause the problem of turtle grain more acrylic screen printing machine. Three, process improvement for four-color printing, should use the same size and stability of aluminum frames, net frame is used in the same kind and type of screen. Use of dyeing silk screen helps eliminate turtle grain, tension is uniform in all parts of the screen, and four color printing 4 piece of screen at the same stretch mesh tension. 4, good technology to improve the grinding scraping blade is vital for high quality printing ( Grinding scraping machine is also very important) , shore hardness of the blade is about 70. Scraping blade should be set on an Angle of 75 degrees, if the Angle of scraping blade too flat, printing image may be blurred, if the Angle adjustable too steep, the risk of screen printing image deformation is large acrylic screen printing machine. Five, the technology improvement to the ink blade should not be too low, if so, there are too much ink film version, print is easy to blur and smearing. Six, process improvement mesh image with high viscosity ink printing, as it grows fine screen need color ink. Use of UV ink, mesh adjusted Yang picture tonal range should be chosen to be 5% ~ 80%, the stencil shore hardness should be 75. In order to control the UV ink in color dieyin without smearing, Suggestions according to the green, magenta, yellow, black color sequence for screen printing. Dongguan Noble allow display products co. , LTD. Is a full-service business promotional gifts and household products of professional gift company, we undertook & other; Quality first, reputation first & throughout; Concept for the purpose, adhere to & other; Low cost, high quality & throughout; For the principle, meet the needs of customers and markets, with customers to establish long-term mutually beneficial partnership, mutual benefit, mutual trust. We look forward to cooperating with you, to seek further progress and development!
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