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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-23
There are currently 6 techniques widely used in badge making. Let me introduce you to them. Die-casting process: Zinc alloy die-casting is characterized by the ability to manufacture full 3D products, perfectly showing the three-dimensional sense of the product, so that the badges as a whole highlight the high-end atmosphere, clear layers, and save costs and materials. Applicable material: Zinc alloy. Stamping process: It can produce simple concave and convex, good texture, wear-resistant, non-deformation, and slightly strong three-dimensional feeling. Can be used for various badges, badges, signs, commemorative coins, etc. The thickness is generally between 1~2mm. Applicable materials: copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, iron. Paint process: make badges with complex colors. The paint baking process can be used for paint filling on the basis of corrosion, die-casting and stamping. The price is cheaper than enamel, and the three-dimensional effect is slightly stronger. Applicable materials: copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, iron enamel process: currently widely used in Disney badges, it is a high-end process, the thickness is generally 1.5mm-2mm, the surface needs to be polished, smooth, delicate, and delicate, with obvious lines and stripes. It is the first choice for high-end badge craftsmanship. Applicable materials: copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, iron. Baking paint dripping process: can effectively protect the paint color. After the badge is painted, a layer of resin is added to the surface, which is also called drip plastic, which can not only protect the color of the paint, but also the surface is very smooth and has the function of partial magnification. Applicable materials: copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, iron. Printing glue process: suitable for various complicated patterns. In the badge making process, there will be many patterns, gradients, and complicated patterns, and these spots cannot be painted. The use of offset printing or silk screen printing on the surface of the badge can play a protective and fixed role. Applicable materials: copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, iron
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