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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-22
There are many processes for custom-made badges. Here we focus on the polishing process. This is a link between the deburring process we mentioned earlier. How to say it specifically, let's find out. The process of custom-made badges can be said to be quite complicated. The first is the rough processing of the vibrator, and then the finishing of polishing to form an exquisite badge. So here we talk about the finishing of badge customization--how is the polishing done? One of the most commonly used tools for crafts polishing is hemp wheel. It is suitable for all metal products including but not limited to: copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, etc., combined with Yiliang grinding purple wax, the thrown product is very The sleek, and customized badges are polished by using hemp wheels with Yiliang grinding purple wax. Of course, for the hemp wheel, this is only in view of the middle throw, and the general crafts can achieve this level. If you want to make the product shine further, you need to use a cloth wheel for fine polishing to achieve a high-planar mirror finish. Therefore, we usually see badges with smooth surfaces that are made in this way.
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