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Before buying a acrylic must know the market standard

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-06
Has long been a homebred yakeli ( Organic glass) Plate because the quality is stable, the price is reasonable, has been recognized by the domestic industry and market sales surge. But the board that at present there are still some low prices is in the market, such as the retail price 18 yuan/kg acrylic basically all the following can be regarded as material production, performance can not meet the national standard is difficult to meet customer requirements. Secondary processing and production of small investment, basic is small mill production, small, poorly equipped, so both appearance and inner quality can't compare with the new material products. But due to low prices, the market is growing rapidly, products in short supply, organic glass manufacturers and omission in the pursuit of production quality standards, product quality problems, such as the panel size, the thickness tolerance, surface dust and debris, there was an obvious scratch, bubble surface, etc. ; Some businesses to 16 yuan/kg or so sold on the market at a lower price, is actually more and make an issue of thickness & hellip; 。 。 。 This requires that each branch know more relevant information, timely grasp the market problems solutions to better serve customers, not only in sales, customer should be paid attention to in the purchase process. The acrylic part of the national standard: 1, the standard tolerance: 1 sheet wide. 0× 1. 3 m is a standard, is greater than the wide allows increased accordingly. First class: & lt; 5毫米:± 12% - 20%,通用电气; 5毫米:± Second: 10% & lt; 10毫米:± 12% - 40%,通用电气; 10毫米:± 10% 2, deformation temperature: 75 ℃ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 84 ℃, standard weight: 1. 19± 0. 02 panel size and the actual weight: due to the small, original processing, templates are used in production of cast acrylic manufacturer, feeding hose with increases with increasing the thickness of the organic glass plate, the board that take up more space, so the same template produced organic glass plate thickness is thicker, the smaller the size of the finished product plate. Manufacturers in the written list but only the size of the unified writing template, rather than the thickness of the dimensions of a plexiglass plate, there is error appears on the specifications of the products, so the factory adopts the way of the weighing and settlement. If say with manufacturer to provide the weight of the difference & plusmn; 0. 3 kg as reasonable. But everyone in order to facilitate in the sales, is basically the theoretical calculation is given priority to, simple calculation formula is: the actual length ( M. ) × The actual width ( M. ) × The actual thickness ( Mm) × The proportion of ( 1. 2) = in kilograms. The error of the theoretical calculation and the weight of the weighing in thick acrylic pay special attention to, generally more than 15 mm thickness board face measurement should be calculated to the mm, to ensure that not too much difference between actual weight.
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