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Business process - of the founders of handicraft factory With trophies MEDALS made a GunPa boss

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-27
Everyone has their own dreams, but not many people really can achieve your dream, Wu Yu is one of the lucky ones, set up their own cup MEDALS gift factory. Wu Yu from the countryside, after graduating from college in 2008 and to Shanghai to work, 2011 came to pingyang county created their own handicraft factory, the main business is trophies MEDALS and some common crafts design, custom, wholesale. By the end of 2018, less than 5 years, the factory will achieve annual sales of 12 million yuan, and gradually formed a group of stable customers, also and many large enterprises have become the long-term partner. In sophomore year, was born in rural Wu Yu, necessary of market keen found that the natural side of the business opportunities, then Wu Yu and classmates partnership means headphones, charging treasure, electronic products, such as the following and the surrounding. After graduating from college, Wu Yu has several handicraft company work in Shanghai, mainly in order to understand the machining process, the material cost of trophies MEDALS, Wu Yu in handicraft factory steadfast work, each type of material, the production process of each product in all lessons to heart. Survived the hardest three years later, handicraft factory is established Wu Yu independence, although the company sales in 2012 reached 3. 5 million yuan, but because of difference of management, direction, Wu Yu factory profit is very low. In 2013, the factory efficiency improving, more firm specializing in trophies MEDALS and the surrounding business. Calculate be a boss, but often the Wu Yu workshop, understanding of every production process, not just my own boss, but also a trophy MEDALS make builders. With sincere treat people sincerely, Wu Yu company and hainan some well-known enterprises to establish the cooperation relations, the business grew, with annual sales in the fierce market competition rapid growth from 2011, 600000 yuan to 2. 8 million yuan in 2015, has breakthrough 12 million yuan in 2018. Wu Yu in order to dream in ceaseless effort, everything comes to him who waits, now Wu Yu busy on the phone every day, often run across the country, also have to always look at their factory production, quality and technology trust, customer satisfaction.
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