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Delicate and cabinet key chain, add some elements to life

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-12
Creative key chain, also known as the key rings, key chain material, generally for the metal, steel, leather, plastic, wood, etc. Its delicate and cabinet, various modelling is people every day carry metal craft products. Key chain is hung on a key ring of a decorative items. To choose collocation to key the key chain that oneself like, can not only reflect the personal mood and personality, can show your taste more at the same time bring your happy mood. Key chain model is various, such as cartoon characters, brand modelling, simulation model and so on, materials such as copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc. , is now mainly nickel plated or rhodium antirust elements such as zinc alloy surface. Crossbow Po process you share with you the key chain of six major material: 1, PVC soft plastic key chain, can shape is strong, can according to the size and shape, they want to open mold fee is usually not too expensive, jewelry store this kind of material is more; Faults, color is easy to become dull. 2, acrylic key chain, also namely, organic glass, imported materials and domestic materials, hollow or solid, is transparent, color paper can be put into the middle; The hardness of acrylic determines the wear degree of the key chain. Is less than 3 h yakeli the surface are easy to take. 3, zinc alloy key chain, zinc alloy is one of the stronger metal plasticity, general surface through drip or rare metal plating do antirust processing. 4, ornament holster lights, sewing leather, leather, imitation leather, PU, the still small lights are embedded in the middle of the a key chain, can also be used for lighting at night or dark place. 5, ABS material 3 d key chain, open a injection mold with ABS material injection molding, paint again, because of the teaching high cost of open mould, do quantity are compared commonly big, quality is much better than PVC. 6, crystal key chain, generally for artificial crystal materials, can be made into various shapes of crystal key chain, cost dozens yuan (usually in one to Specific look at the number of custom and requirements) Crossbow technology compact keychains, is a kind of both environmental protection and is unique, the practicability of ideal adornment, both innovative and progressive, and affordable, is the new trend of the handicrafts gift boutique.
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