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Design and production process of arc shaped crystal trophy

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-24
Design and production of crystal trophies, we sometimes whole adopts the design scheme of streamlined ellipsoid, such as in the trophy at the top of the place which is arc shape make it more dynamic, don't look a little stiff, or will the cup in two parts. On the part of the lower part is white crystal is sky blue crystal are combined, make it more delicate and unique kind of glacier texture and so on. Arc shaped crystal cup, of course, technology difficulty nature also will be high, because this design is mainly adopted streamlined and double color crystal, streamlined can't like ordinary square have horns and the MEDALS convenient setting. And is in his part of this combination, wanted to make the joint must be no doubt the first fast crystal. , with particular good glue to stick them together again after grinding to completed to separate it, in this sounds quite simple, but if in bulk, do is very trouble, this process compared with common crystal handicraft, its almost more than half of the higher production of finished products. But also use it to the effect of crystal trophy for inside carving, the finished product effects than ordinary MEDALS shows more exalted and atmosphere, is the enterprise reward employees and corporate event prizes very good choice.
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