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Don't underestimate someone who can run a full marathon

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-30
As a long-distance sport, marathon is more and more accepted by the general public, and more people participate in it. According to everyone's physical condition and usual exercise intensity, marathon events are also divided into mini marathons, half marathons, and full marathons. Among these competitions, half marathon and full marathon are popular events that everyone competes for registration.   The difference between a half marathon and a full marathon by laymen is much based on the comparison of distance. They think that two half marathons are better than a full marathon, but it is not. The difference between a full marathon and a half marathon is more of the experience of the body and will. Some people say that the real marathon starts after 30 kilometers, and the next ten kilometers is the time to really test people. If you don’t have any long-distance training before running the marathon, you will have a lot of problems in the last ten kilometers. Problems encountered. For example, on equipment, it is only after half of the process that clothes start to rub against the skin, which will cause more and more pain; shoes that originally fit the feet will feel more and more squeezed in the second half, and blisters and black nails may appear; physical strength plummets , At a certain extreme, every time you lift your foot, you will have pain; your heart is basically broken, and the thought of wanting to give up keeps coming up in your mind.   So you who want to conquer the whole horse, how should you train so that you can face the marathon more easily? 1. In the running circle, there is a formula that the longest training distance you want to run a half marathon is 15-18 kilometers, but if you want to run a full horse, it is best to run a few LSDs of about 30 kilometers, and run every month. The amount is also doubled than the halfway, which means that you have to keep up with the amount you run for the entire distance. 2. Training of core muscles, especially during the whole running. In normal times, we have to increase the training of abdominal muscles, quadriceps, waist muscles, and hip muscles. These core muscles play a very important role in the process of long-distance running. effect. 3. Energy supply, long-distance running will bring about the energy consumption in the body, from the initial consumption of glucose, to the subsequent fat and protein, if energy is not compensated in the whole process, the human body's physical energy will drop linearly, so Many marathon runners prepare energy bars and salt pills in the competition.
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