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Dongguan kai rick acrylic factory take you know acrylic photo frame

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-29
Photo frame is more common in the life of a craft decorations, acrylic photo frame is a kind of photo frame products, many people will think of acrylic photo frames do not understand is crystal photo frame, for this Noble allow small make up the material properties of the acrylic photo frame made detailed summary, interested friends can take a look. Acrylic photo frame also called organic glass picture frame, usually highly transparent acrylic processing, high quality after cutting, cutting, carving, drilling, grinding, magnets, polishing process is made and be become, transparent display effect is good, comparable with crystal handicraft, it is often used as an ornament for cafes, studio, restaurants and so on. Acrylic photo frames are generally use two same size transparent acrylic board, within the four corners with powerful small magnet adsorption; Can also be used in acrylic photo frame back to do a support frame, simple and practical convenient and quick. Acrylic photo frames bearing can be free, and good sealing can prevent has wrinkled pictures not yellow. In addition to colorless transparent acrylic photo frame, there are many other colored transparent acrylic material choice, and all kinds of size, shape, color, specifications of the frame can be customized according to customer requirements. Acrylic photo frame can be said to be cheap, practical, beautiful and a few people have, in many supermarkets, boutiques, gift shop sales are high. Noble allow professional production and processing acrylic photo frame, acrylic craft, acrylic display rack, acrylic hotel supplies, such as acrylic box, wants to purchase large quantities of custom frame, please call 4008 - 959 - 252, we provide you with free acrylic photo frame design, and has advanced processing equipment and production processes, and can undertake acrylic photo frame processing all over the country.
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