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by:Noble Awards     2020-11-24
Wanjiang middle school teacher wu through friends know crossbow Po process, evaluation on our products are high, want to customize a batch of anniversary commemorative medallion is made, for the school anniversary celebration, the number is: 630 PCS, configuration: gift box, because is the student with the product, customer requests look fine, smooth, concave and convex have send, there is a certain sense, to prevent scratches to the kid to cause unnecessary accidents, the customer will send us the way of 3 d design through QQ, we had a look at the drawings and customer required product size, think if it is to do all the color process is a bit difficult, advising clients on the spot with a soft enamel + additional printing, will complete the desired effect, then, we will be a similar false enamel badges samples sent to customer for your reference, details product related technology, and satisfied customers have received our sample, the second day, requires that we do offer, continue to arrange proofing, no problem, you can immediately arrange bulk production. Dongguan Wan Jiang middle school was founded in 1960, has been 53 years' history. As dongguan city primary school in June, 2002, in May 2005 rated as green schools in guangdong province, named dongguan city culture construction advanced unit in December 2005, in February 2006, dongguan city civilized units pacesetter. Scientific management, clear job objectives, unity and progress of teachers, school education teaching quality enhances unceasingly, has certain social reputation and become the one of dongguan key middle school students to yearn for. Through the proofing and big goods production, the whole process of inspection, we communicate with guests like friends, everything is. Care, whether suppliers or customers are need to use sincerity to treat, sincerely for the customer service is good, when the customer product demand, next time will think of crossbow technology, so will the orders. If the product quality is bad, service attitude also can't keep up with, will lose the opportunity to work with the customer next time. Crossbow, tourism souvenirs to customer demand as the guidance, not only want to think of the client, about the customer does not want to, responsible for the customer is made every pieces of metal badges, handle each pre-sale and after-sale products quality problem. Crossbow Po process after 31 precipitation, crossbow Po process the brand in the market have a certain reputation, get each big customers affirmation and support. In this paper, by large crossbow bo jun original technology, reprint must indicate the source: http://www. ysgou。 Com, cherish other people's work achievement, is to respect yourself.
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