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Dongguan plexiglass acrylic bending processing factory which good?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-07
How in dongguan in dongguan friends find a trustworthy acrylic bending processing factory? Heating bending forming acrylic, attention should be paid to control the heating temperature, heating temperature do not meet the softening point was forced to bend, tend to break yakeli board; The acrylic heating time is too long, temperature is too high; Acrylic will blister ( Temperature is too high, material change, internal began to melt, external gas into the sheet inside) The sparkling acrylic affect beautiful, very much, if the acrylic bending caused severe foaming, the acrylic products will be scrapped. So the acrylic bending process in machining process generally consists of experienced skilled workers to do it. Other acrylic hot bending associated with plank material, pouring type acrylic bending harder, extrusion type acrylic bend easily. Compared with the casting plate, extrusion plate with low molecular weight, mechanical performance is a bit weak, this feature is good for bending and hot forming, in dealing with a large size sheet, is conducive to rapid vacuum blow molding. According to the above should all know how important it is to choose a professional acrylic plant. Noble allow acrylic products, acrylic products for 20 years, exquisite products, reasonable price! The company mainly produces acrylic frames organic glass processing, acrylic, etc. , Noble allow acrylic products! We have been efforts! 4008 - 959 - 252
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