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Fashion the most exotic trophy: on behalf of a funeral home in football game, the trophy is 1300 yuan for the coffin!

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-21
Recently, in South America Peru Hu Liya card, the annual five-a-side football game at a funeral home, of the team to win the championship trophy was a $1300 worth of the coffin. This game is not you usually attend indoors five-a-side football match, it is representing a dozen southeast Peru puno region's largest funeral home a game between the teams, as a result, major trophies coffin represents a symbol of funeral career, is this is justified. In the end, the cup is not usually five-a-side tournament Hu Liya card coffin. This is a representative in southeast Peru puno region between the 12 biggest funeral home team game, so the main prize should represent the funeral industry. In spite of this, on the court for an expensive coffin, you have to share with other five teammates, sound is not worth it. Winning teams will play their $1300 worth of luxury coffin trophy carry on the shoulder, singing & other; Oh, oh! ” They started a carnival and celebrations, the hard to avoid lets a person feel some wonderful work!
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