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Fuzhou 2015 youth games - — Custom valuable medal of honor

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-04
The 2015 national youth games, the first national youth games opening ceremony on October 18, 2015 held in fuzhou strait Olympic sports center stadium, is a specialized international competitions for young people, is the young people worldwide, the high level of comprehensive sports event, the Olympic events after the Olympic Games of large-scale international events, let teenagers benefited from sports health way of life. Integration of education and cultural content, to encourage young people to the Olympic values to life, and become the ambassador of the Olympic spirit. Qing yun will can bring metal crafts badge custom, MEDALS customized industry? As the green Olympics raged, people are paying attention to of the field at the same time, also attracted to qing yun economy once again. So many people around the world gathered together in a short time, eat, live, line, and as a souvenir, and so on, when it comes to accept as a souvenir, as the tournament games, nature is little not jin, bronze, silver and other custom metal crafts, will further promote the arts and crafts market demand. Gifts handicraft industry faced with the opportunities brought about by the Olympics, such as green will move, also is smile, quick, actively invested badges, MEDALS, made of peak production. Held in the face of the green Olympics, we know, the opportunity is huge profits, whose product can do new, strange, special, in many competition of hands, who won the & all other Covet & throughout; Of the order. At the same time, because the product's target audience is different people, must be done on the style diverse, such as memorial medal, both full of amorous feelings of the Chinese nation, and reflects modern fashion handicrafts, the green Olympics souvenir production must pay attention to the portability, to win by cabinet and delicate, not only to pay attention to the characteristics of the product itself, on the packaging, also is to be a feature article. Crossbow Po process fine badge production, lasting lettering, eternal tag, get rid of the time-consuming and artificial cost, using a crossbow bo advanced laser carving machine, give you different handicraft commemorative value. More badges, MEDALS, customized welcome view: http://www. ysgou。 com 86- 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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