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High transparent acrylic frames custom processing - Dongguan kai rick

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-15
Practical super organic glass shelf, can effectively organize messy items summing up, to make better use of the space that desktop, multilayer storage space, can be categorized items to receive location, find easy to use convenient, with a high through highlighting no bubble organic glass material and craft, more to receive the goods be clear at a glance, easy to find. This organic glass exhibition frame is made of high quality new material, after cutting after many grinding, combined with diamond polishing, smooth its smoothness and transparency are unparalleled. Acrylic frames is closely connected with people's life, small to office with pen holder, name card box, to a magazine rack, publicity. Noble allow acrylic frames can not only make your stationery to receive improved, the overall office environment data receive, also is the new product emerge in endlessly. Fashionable and high-grade frosted acrylic plexiglass office pen holder, business card organic glass frame, the force that press a gram file shelves, acrylic phone, acrylic display keyboard shelf, acrylic magazine rack, acrylic stationery, all kinds of office desktop you can think of, Noble allow acrylic display office stationery.
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