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How about heat resistance and cold resistance of acrylic, in particular, the scope?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-12
Heat-resistant properties of the acrylic is not high, a lot of information basic say acrylic noe is 104 degrees, but after the actual experimental studies show that acrylic in the environmental temperature of 60 ℃ - for a long time 95 ℃, acrylic, slight deformation will occur when acrylic products processing acrylic 96 degrees Celsius can do thermal deformation, acrylic melting point - in 230 260 degrees. Acrylic thermal deformation temperature is about 96 ℃ ( 1. 18MPa) About 113 ℃, vicat softening point. Can use the monomer and acrylic ester or double methacrylate) ethylene glycol acrylate copolymerization method enhance acrylic heat resistance. Acrylic motility belongs to medium heat molecules, and is better than that of PVC and polyformaldehyde, but not as good as polyolefin and polystyrene, thermal decomposition temperature slightly higher than 270 ℃, the flow temperature is about 160 ℃, thus yakeli is fused with a wide processing temperature range. In addition to heat resistance, cold resistance of acrylic and more bad, brittle temperature about 9. 2℃。
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