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How many degrees heat acrylic products?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-14
At any time, temperature has a certain influence, just like today and you talk about this problem, because the temperature is one of the very common factors, but also people can be felt, just like the body temperature, that people have a fever, it needs in a timely manner to treat, and what is the effect of temperature on acrylic products? Temperature on the influence of acrylic products actually but can small, say little, a line, it needs to be divided into temperature at 85 & deg; C for line, when the temperature exceeds the temperature that is belong to the acrylic processing, met this temperature, acrylic will be deformation, acrylic products will soften, to this step, if you want to or consumer products can be processed into some arts and crafts, such as cabinets, doors and Windows on the train or car, pendent lamp, fluorescent lamp, and so on. And the flexibility of the temperature can increase the organic glass and intensity, even will improve its impact strength. Below the 85 & deg; C, acrylic products won't appear any problems, will not deformation, more afraid of the sun, like a naked for a long time in outside of the box, during the day, there is the sun. It has any problem, and it's anticorrosive, can guarantee the organic glass use for a long time, and it's far more important than fragile glass light a lot, also antifreeze moistureproof. For acrylic products, is the need to control temperature. Different levels of temperature, acrylic can form different appearance, and its performance may also change. The actual situation of the deformation also have obvious relationship with the thickness of the plate, the deformation of thin plate, the easier, more thick plate deformation is smaller.
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