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How much do you know about acrylic weaknesses? And how to avoid?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-03
Acrylic products in production need to pay attention to some details, the need to pay attention to those details are weakness of acrylic products, want to better control the good quality of acrylic products and beautiful, it must first understand the weakness of acrylic products, in order to know what need to pay attention to details. Details a: ordinary acrylic products thermal deformation stability of about 100 degrees or so, in use process should pay attention to the temperature, the use of the environment temperature should not exceed 90 degrees. Detail 2: although very hard acrylic products, but also touched the hard objects are easy to cause scratches, the surface of the acrylic products once they are scratches will affect the appearance. Details 3: during the daily maintenance of acrylic products, even if difficult to eliminate the surface of the dirt, also cannot use hard objects nulling, had better use special detergent and soft cloth.
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