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How much is a medal to make?

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-20
The medal price = mould cost + unit price * number ( Starting from the last time to make mould for you free of charge for three years! ) The price is closely related to material, process, number! Price is from a few hair, a few yuan, ten yuan to hundreds of yuan, according to your budget, we'll give you a recommend material, process tailored for you! Stepwise quotation, quantity price better! Price is a problem of all guest care, crossbow bo factory insist on for more than 30 years to find a way to in the premise of guarantee quality, improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, which benefit to our customers! Although we can't give you the lowest price in the industry, but we can give you high quality and high quality service; I would rather to explain for price for a while, don't want to apologize for the quality of a lifetime! We believe that only the perfect quality, is our pride! We established in 1984, tens of thousands of cases with MEDALS for your reference! Marathon medal made creative medal production rotary MEDALS with bottle opener MEDALS made noctilucent ( Light) MEDALS make foreign MEDALS made wooden ( Gold/silver foil) MEDALS MEDALS - production factory - - Crossbow bo factory owns 12 MEDALS tangent, 30 of them into the color line, 10 polishing line, welcome to visit our factory!
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