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How to avoid defective organic glass products?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-22
Organic glass products processing technology in the rapid development of science and technology today has been increasingly mature, but in the production process will inevitably appear some defects, once appear, the defect of organic glass appearance will be affected, so in the production process how can we avoid the defects? Small make up today will give you one by one. ( 1) Organic glass products by mucous membrane after agent will leave traces of erosion is inevitable, can take stick adhesive method to protect. ( 2) Organic glass products in adhesive need to avoid when indoor when producing the high humidity and high temperature environment. ( 3) Use less as far as possible adhesive, as bonding agent can cause surface cannot be completely daub, and adhesive curing shrinkage when had better not into the air. ( 4) Can't directly use hair dryer, otherwise stick cleansing edge prone to white. ( 5) Avoid dirt and grease, bubble hole get in the way of bonding agent evenly with bubbles. ( 6) Organic glass products in has not cured cases, should avoid the illuminate of sunshine, once by sunlight can lead to different changes in the product, and even the phenomenon such as yellow, affected the product completely beautiful.
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