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How to choose a good acrylic display maker?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-11
Acrylic display rack and other acrylic custom products production, is the high price materials custom service, each display prices ranging from a few yuan to thousands of yuan, such as the number of hundreds of thousands of suppliers quality guarantee ability, supply ability, financial ability will have great influence on your order. Let us have a simple analysis of a few select suppliers consider points. A, nearby principle. Because the custom is a kind of service, need to closely cooperate with the supplier, if do not have enough lead time, try to choose a local supplier for quality monitoring, progress monitoring, the condition of special processing, after-sales service and so on are better than other suppliers have a great advantage; B, the number of considering principle. When customer demand of products reach the number of batch production, such as hundreds or more, for small production workshop will produce venue, manpower, quality consistency problem, choose the larger acrylic manufacturers, will be able to avoid the above problems; C, considering quality principles. Custom display is commonly used in high-grade product image display display, transparency of acrylic materials, cutting the flatness, the brightness of the no bubble, edge polishing paste position details, such as have influence on the terminal display effect and service life. So choose equipment is complete, high mechanization degree of supplier will reduce the occurrence of quality problems. D, experience to consider the principle. Foreign customers, especially the top 500 brand display related product orders, have relatively strict request for supplier qualification, or even availability assessment by a third party certification authority. Large scale acrylic manufacturer, cooperation with the international name brand experience, the larger minimize your concern about quality and after-sales service. In addition, acrylic manufacturer meet larger is urgent orders, for customers to reduce capital backlog, protective better packaging, finished product delivery warehouse storage, etc. Various kinds of convenience.
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