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How to choose and buy good quality acrylic display shelf?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-31
Acrylic display should have strict quality management system, to guarantee the quality of the product and process. Can only really pays special attention to from the management, guarantee the quality of each batch of product and process requirements. So our quality inspection personnel is how to grasp the quality? 1, incomparable outdoor weatherability, panel coated with high concentration of uv absorber, metal base spraying paint imported cars, insurable weather for a long time, do not fade, use fixed number of year for 5 ~ 8 years. 2, crystal clear transparent, transparent plate is 200 times that of glass products, almost no risk of fracture. 3, high surface gloss, smooth level off, the light transmittance as high as 93%, good pervious to light, the light is downy and bright is dazzing. 4, there are transparent, translucent, white and other colors and different surface effect, adopt new polyester material, through hot forming or flat edge, metal palm built-in light source, highly visual impact. 5, processing good performance; Thermoforming visually prominent signs, signs when processing is simple, the cost is reasonable. Exquisite craft, the font is mirror effect, and the base no fold, no juncture, all riveting the firmware is not visible. 6, green environmental protection, waste materials can be completely recycled, easy recycling. Pervious to light performance is good, less light source products, save electricity, reduce the cost. 7, good surface hardness and scratch resistance, products for the built-in light source has a good protection, prolong the service life of the light source products. 8, good chemical resistance, better than most other plastic materials. 9, easy to clean, maintain and ensure signs, light box, all the year round, such as the new appearance, reasonable design, waterproof moisture-proof, open structure, easy maintenance. According to the above list of acrylic display quality control standard of nine, you can in turn according to the standard test for a qualified you purchase acrylic display rack, so remind you here again in custom acrylic display is best to do first samples to see effect, then according to the nine criteria to determine which companies can cooperate.
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