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How to discern good metal badges craft that make different?

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-28
In the badge production, some badges can clearly see the process, but some badges because appearance difference is small, but it is used without process, its price, material usually there are differences. Let's introduce some easily confused badge process and identify. 1. Cloisonne and imitation enamel badges: cloisonne badges, also known as hard enamel badges or enamel, really really enamel badges is the high-grade metal badges, badge of all followed by imitation enamel. Real enamel and imitation enamel look very similar, so how to identify the process. Please see the following points: from the point of view material: true enamel with pure copper is red copper as the main ingredient, imitation enamel main ingredient can be red copper, brass or iron material. From color: true by solid particles cloisonne enamel glaze, imitation enamel enamel color paste, thus imitation enamel colors than really rich in enamel. Firing temperature: true enamel need 800 degrees high temperature, imitation enamel can - in 100 - 200 - degree burn. True enamel colour looks grainy, imitation enamel is relatively flat, smooth. Stereo effect, true enamel surface slightly convex curved, imitation enamel surface smooth. 2. Imitation enamel badges and badge of the lacquer that bake: this is better to recognize, imitation enamel badges surface smooth, while the badge of the lacquer that bake surface by certain AoTuGan, color of the lacquer that bake some concave, and metal lines or metal surface. It is worth mentioning here sometimes as trinket added bo li will smooth the surface of the lacquer that bake, carefully identify at this time. 3. Badges and bite version of the lacquer that bake badge, emblem of the lacquer that bake AoTuGan is strong, its thickness is general to 1. 2mm. And bite version of the badge is line is more exquisite, its thickness is commonly 0. 8毫米。 4. Badge badges and badge of the lacquer that bake: stamping only metal color, no color, and paint badges will be painted color. 5. Zinc alloy badge badges and other; Zinc alloy badge is the biggest characteristic section generally slightly tilted, and general badge badge copper and iron are generally not tilt. Crossbow bo badge is made, the best choice for you!
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