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How to select material organic glass products?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-22
Buy organic glass products, often asked a question, is the manufacture to show how to select material? So today, you give us the material need to pay attention to what issues or what are the steps. The first is the most important is the material choice, the only choice by the way, to consider the choice of the next. In the market now, making reveals ark materials mainly include organic glass plate, environmental protection board, special fire prevention board, crystal plate, a few kinds. And compare them later, you will find in these materials are widely used in organic glass, environmental protection board, investigate its reason, mainly is the board itself high quality, especially for more expensive jewelry, cosmetics, high-end clothing, mobile phone, computer is more widely used in products such as display. Choose your favorite color from the color. Now there are all kinds of color products, organic glass products such as such as jewelry display ark, clothing display cabinets, cosmetics display shelf, mobile phone display shelf, alcohol reveal ark, etc, with gold, silver, matte black, magenta, gray color such as; Other products for the most part according to choose the color of the corresponding enterprise VI system requirements. Three is the structure of the display case. Need to be placed against the wall, in general, reveal ark back mostly opaque panels, multiple-choice and the same color, white or mirror cabinet put oneself in another's position appearance. Can carry light box piece at the top of the lamp inside ark is optional fluorescent lamp, shoot the light, light boxes at the top of the belt. Height, width, length can be layout adjustment according to the size of the display field. Square display cabinets for quadrilateral pervious to light, suitable for displaying jewelry, jewelry, watches, mobile phones and other small items, can also be made slightly larger, to show gifts, handicrafts, electronic products, pen, such as alcohol and tobacco are bulk goods. The standardization of modern display manufacturing application, making the display case tends to multipurpose renovation, generally don't use adhesive materials such as, using only a screwdriver can easily finish reveals ark disassembling. Organic glass is a kind of new product now, it will promote the development of it industry, especially the development of the advertising industry, and is now building industry. Its appearance has brought the industry more development opportunities. The organic glass according to the mode of production has many advantages, not only the quality of the material and on the summary of the presence of organic glass production technology. Users can see now are the characteristics of acrylic, also know a lot about the organic glass all performance, and the use value. Organic glass has strong transparency, a colorless transparent organic glass, its light transmittance can reach above 92%.
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