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How to text and Mosaic or wooden medal?

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-10
Wood Mosaic in our country has a long history and is widely used in furniture, screen, wooden MEDALS and household appliances, etc. , set with a lot of more phyletic, according to the embedded materials can be divided into embedded jade, bone, color wood, metal, shell inlaid embedded embedded or several material combination tablets, such as embedded by the Mosaic process can be divided into dig embedded, embedded, Mosaic inlay spelling and glue stick, etc. Dig: embedded in the medal for the outer contour lines of the Mosaic decoration parts, with tools to dig out a certain depth of pits, again with the underside of different colors of wood or other material with pattern embedded pits, and was modified for processing. Embedded components and wooden MEDALS are decorative surface embedded in the same plane is called flat; Embedded components is higher than that of decorative surface, with embossed effect, known as the high embedded, embedded components below decorative surface called low. Pressure embedded: the embedded component glue stick on the surface of wooden MEDALS, larger pressure on embedded components again, make its thickness part of press it into a decorative surface, inlaid with sanding machine finally components decoration on the surface of the part above the sand ground. The law doesn't have to dig a pit, the province, high efficiency, but it must be with larger hardness embedded components, in component backplane local subsidence phenomenon with bottom border. Set: with different color and the shape of a certain size components Mosaic pattern, and paste in the base surface of wooden MEDALS, completely cover the base level. The cymbal don't embedded with embossed effect. Mosaic Mosaic stickers: also called two sub-companies named seaport, spelled with pattern or two sub-companies named seaport inlay element embedded into the first as the bottom two sub-companies named seaport, then they glue on particieboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF), together with the base material, such as decorative surface. Wooden custom MEDALS: http://www. ysgou。 com/jp- 2. 超文本标记语言
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