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Leather upholstery and metal badges product assembly considerations

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-30
If you have any leather products and metal badges of product assembly design, be sure to note: 1) Leather, metal products and assembly, leather will spit acid corrosive action on metals, and result in metallic color, so generally suggest metal products to the whole metal spraying oil protection. 2) PU leather, Synthetic leather) Assembly and metal products, metal corrosion will not be leather upholstery, but if oil the metal products, and directly to the skin without working together, in the case of airtight, form the fog can cause metal color leather upholstery. Leather with acid in the making process, so and metal product portfolio, no oil seal ( Or what we call golden oil) , can produce vomit acid, the product of metal plating surface oxidation. Synthetic leather is fake fur, but in hot water for the fake leather and products, as well as the metal products oxidation, but no bubble water is not sealed oil security. Attached file picture is metal badges products with leather upholstery bubble water before/after photos for your understanding.
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