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Life essential, acrylic tray

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-18
Human health has been praised by the attention of people, hand sanitizer now has become a household, hotel, hotel supplies, after the toilet before meals will be supplies. But in use process caused by the people used to use inevitably produce base of dirty wash one, so at this moment, just need acrylic tray to solve it! Speaking of acrylic tray are going to have to say the classification of the pallet, pallet materials they have four kinds of classification. The first is a wooden class, use wooden or bamboo qualitative material, commonly used in costumes handicraft or for decoration use. The second is metals, general quality of a material is stainless steel, used to put more goods, often do not move. The third kind is plastic, due to the quality of a material is lighter, easy to use, with functions of antiskid, more applied in the service industry. A fourth is plastic wood, plastic wood composite materials, widely used, energy conservation and pollution reduction. Acrylic tray is plastic, but they have the acrylic & other; Crystal queen & throughout; The laudatory name, the visible with the degree of glittering and translucent crystal, it has easy to shape and color, not easy decoloring features, design and color is diversiform, so beautiful! Its hardness is higher than that of metal aluminum, as a tray bearing weight is big, stable chemical properties, used as a sanitizer tray - durable and beautiful! If want to know more acrylic products please attention: dongguan Noble allow display products co. , LTD. , a professional manufacturer of acrylic processing! Can design can be customized, acrylic processing experts!
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