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Looking for a 'leading enterprise' cable, message sign up to win are recommended red envelope charging treasure awards ~

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-29
In recent years, the global economic slowdown, frequent trade war, okay incidents across the country set off cable industry & other; Hidden rules & throughout; , in this difficult times, a lot of outstanding enterprises in the market of waters surging ahead, they have strong strategic concentration, with a solid technical response to market change, with the distinctive product surprise, under the strong circled beckoning. The New Year, we start again, 2019 the official start of the 'cable trade list, select' sign up! This optional activities by electricity eating tigers network, cable network, cable business, cable hall jointly organized, in line with & other Objective, open, fair and justice & throughout; Principle, the selected six categories model for cable products for industry leading enterprises, for the laboring cable companies play a model leading role, open up new prospects in the crisis, breaking out of cocoon nirvana reborn. Six awards: leading enterprise communications cable power cable leader bare wire leader electric equipment with leading enterprise winding wire and cable line leader in fiber optic cable leading enterprises rich prize award: huawei exclusive custom crystal trophy glory 10 mobile phones a 1 + diploma 2 first finance and economics, the frontiers of kechuang promotional time, 3 minutes (AD Annual turnover of more than 3 billion enterprises limited) 3 cable network homepage image recommend 980 * 60 January 4 'cable world' quarterly inside pages 1 p advertising issue # 5 cable net WeChat public time, all the media promotion a corresponding award prize recommend according to enterprise advantage product registration ( Choose 6) Thumb up before the number five available yixing undressed ore recommended 1! The selection process, public message elevated stand for 1 brand, also can & other Speak for yourself & throughout; ; 2, from the technology, product, market, customers, and many other dimensions of strength and strain capacity analysis, selected candidate brand; 3, a referendum, and the best optimum, find a true leader. Registration rule 1, top 5, the message must be more than 50 praise before winning the prize. 2, each enterprise, the first presenter as a successful registration, if the enterprise finally elected, referees will receive another 88 cash bonus or a mystery gift. Prize recommended deadline: 10:00 on July 15, 2019
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