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Needs of acrylic products processing equipment?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-03
No acrylic products production equipment, it is impossible to exquisite processing out of acrylic products. Only the exquisite technology, combined with advanced processing equipment of acrylic is a powerful guarantee for perfect from acrylic products. Noble today allow small make up for us all, acrylic products processing need what equipment: 1, cutting machine, without the processed acrylic size is larger, the available cutting machine for acrylic cut into appropriate size, convenient for subsequent processing. 2, CNC engraving machine, acrylic processing factory equipment, necessary for acrylic cutting, carving, grooving, drilling, etc. Craft. CNC engraving machine can be divided into CNC machine engraving machine and CNC laser engraving machine. 3, polishing equipment, polishing equipment is divided into three kinds: flame polishing, polishing cloth round of polishing and diamonds, fire polishing and polishing cloth round belongs to a half artificial equipment, diamond polishing machine is fully automatic polishing equipment, such as macro water heater acrylic display of our company will need to polishing processing. 4, screen printing equipment, printed in yakeli the surface pattern, need to use the equipment, according to the size of the pattern, a small screen printing machines and large screen printing machine two. 5, spray machine: directly to silk screen printing on acrylic products, print is on the advertising sticker printing design, then stick to the acrylic surface, common print out the poster advertising signs is to use the equipment. 6, hot bending oven: used for acrylic bending process, without being baked the acrylic is a hard, bent out of shape not easily, high temperature baking soft acrylic can suppress modelling. 7, drilling machine: some acrylic products need such as acrylic photo frame set with strong magnetic, are made of drill holes. 8, gong machine: after cutting the edges of the acrylic is 90 degree angles, very sharp, easy to scratch hand, need to use gong machine wear off right Angle, this edge have radian, not easy to scratch the hand.
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