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New York artist design organic glass house colourful fabulous!

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-16
, an American artist TomFruin designed an organic glass house, colour colourful, fabulous! It is reported, the colored organic glass house name & other; Kolonihavehus” Brooklyn bridge park, located in the United States New York, made up of one thousand large and small size different recycled glass, distance colourful, under the Snow White foil is very good-looking. Organic glass glass ( 有机玻璃) Is a popular name, abbreviation for PMMA. The polymer transparent material chemical name is called polymethyl methacrylate, is composed of methyl methacrylate (mma) polymerization of polymer compounds. Is a kind of development early important thermoplastic plastics. Organic glass is divided into colorless, transparent, colored transparent, pearl, embossed four kinds of organic glass. Commonly known as acrylic, organic glass in releasing the force that press a gram, gree, organic glass has good transparency, chemical stability, mechanical properties and weathering resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing, nice appearance, etc. Organic glass also called gelatin glass, acrylic, etc. Dongguan Noble allow company undertook & other; Quality first, reputation first & throughout; Concept for the purpose, adhere to & other; Low cost, high quality & throughout; For the principle, meet the needs of customers and markets, with customers to establish long-term mutually beneficial partnership, mutual benefit, mutual trust. We look forward to cooperating with you, to seek further progress and development!
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