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Pickling was once one of the popular crystal cup making craft

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-12
In all kinds of crystal trophy technology, in recent years, more novel and process by customers favor, pickling is one of them. Crystal trophy pickling process is not complicated, pickling raw materials & ndash; — Acid lotion is a mixture of acid commonly, crystal acid with sulfuric acid and nitric acid, the mixed acid corrosion resistance is very strong, at the same time has a strong oxidation, high corrosive medium temperature, pickling temperature will be very high, so the container of corrosion resistance, heat resistance has certain requirements. Crystal acid from processing to the recovery waste gas discharge, are in a strong state of corrosion, so the environment and the choice of using instruments affect the service life. Fine crystal trophy after preliminary cutting, grinding or carve patterns or designs on woodwork, into the early stage of the pickling process, the crystal in the pickling continuous scouring, heating, cooling and pickling. In mixed acid washed many times, the brightness will be more and more bright, flash will be less and less, after corrosion shape is round, rendering transparent effect. After a few repetitions, the crystal wash clean with clear water, late into the crystal processing working procedure, complete crystal pickling effect, to wait for the finished product, can achieve the best visual effect. Given the special nature of pickling, crystalline iceberg on the market, products such as crystal trophy, crystal character modelling is based on the production process, solve some bottleneck, the processing technology is also a good supplement for crystal processing blind area, crystal products has been derived on the basis of the market. But the environmental pollution is an important factor of the process to be solved, many processing of waste liquid crystal pickling workshop for processing straight row of sewage, led to the serious pollution of acid, water, acid pickling waste gas diffusion through the air, causing crop failures, death. Crackdown is larger in our country for pickling industry in recent years, illegal processing and crystal trophy for pickling found together, investigate together, pickling for fixed-point processing enterprises, the better the drainage facilities inspections, trying to make pollution to a minimum.
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