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Practical metal badge save method

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-26
General badges are made of metal material, easily oxidized in the air, so should choose to compare box sealing, but also want to watch. 1, in a dry place. If it is put in the airtight container, can be in inside put desiccant, deoxidizer. Can also be wrapped in cling film badge, isolated from the air and water. 2, find a light-tight box, bottom down some bamboo charcoal or other things of dehumidifier, separated by a layer of plastic foam pad again. 3, the wax coating on the badge, can separate it from the air. The packing bag of plastic bags, socks, press badge size cut good, sealed with a sealing machine. 4, to find a piece of flannelette, wrap the plastic foam, with to the below, with pins fixed up, such floor is ready. Badges can also don't above the flannelette, already can keep beautiful ~ ~ after sealed collection will neither affect appreciation, harmful gas cut off from the outside world also make badges, also can avoid the hand direct contact with badges. 5, prevent rust, spray wax is wax coating a layer of protective film on metal surface, isolate the metal surface and the moisture, so as to achieve antirust purpose. When this method is simple to use and clear need hot water cleaning, the one-off anticorrosive material is environmental protection.
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