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Professional custom acrylic trophies and fascinating World Cup! ,

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-09
In just the past soon in the FIFA women's World Cup in 205, we enjoy a wonderful women's feast. The heat as much as men's soccer World Cup in 2014. Not only do people care about the winner, also pays particular attention to championship trophy MEDALS, etc. Acrylic material because of its high transparency, resistance and advantages of wear-resisting, not easy to fade and is gradually used in all kinds of competitions, reward trophies, MEDALS and souvenirs in the making. Tournament trophies, MEDALS, souvenirs, can according to the requirements of size, color, content and design can be printed according to the requirements. These are all Noble allow display products co. , LTD. And customer cooperation produced acrylic trophy MEDALS and souvenirs. USES the brand-new imported materials, purity is higher than domestic 20%, 15% higher transparency, 10 years does not change color not yellow; Advanced technology can meet the product circular arc, diamond and other special custom requirements; 20 years of professional experience in production technology strict quality inspection system and process, many customers a good reputation, professional custom cup, fascinating World Cup!
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