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Reveals secrets of acrylic watch display hot bending

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-26
For acrylic watch display, I believe everyone is not stranger. As we know, because many of the thermoplastic materials are usually do not have linear tension or curve, but when we use acrylic materials to manufacture acrylic products usually also won't appear the above situation, but also require the use of the staff must know the maximum temperature. Acrylic watch display of camber is made by acrylic materials, easy to shape. In the design and production of acrylic display stress needs to be within the scope of the normal use, tension, also not more than 1%, the largest based on belongs to linear. Even in the case of allowed to creep, the suggested design stress cannot be too big. Due to the young's modulus of acrylic display is low. We also can produce huge when bending deflection, and these must be the designers must pay attention to when the design. Dongguan Noble allow display products co. , LTD. , specializing in acrylic processing manufacturers, is the present domestic most professional plexiglass ( Acrylic) One of the products production base. 20 years of professional technicians, imported materials, professional team, leading technology, rich solution, let you more worry! You can also according to own hobby acrylic product customization. Whether it is style, color, specifications, logo, packaging, we can according to your needs for your custom. Only you think, no we can't do, this is our strength!
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