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Rugao grinding head pain primary school team won 40 ji medal, three team trophies

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-13
 jiangsu network - July 5 - China 7, 2019 shuttlecock open in jiangsu province and the Yangtze river delta region shuttlecock alliance race held in taicang stadiums, rugao school grinding head pain NBA team made a good harvest again, pick to 40 team award trophies, MEDALS, three highlight again small shuttlecock overall strength. The tournament by students in social sports culture management office of jiangsu province, jiangsu province sports culture promotion association, jiangsu shuttlecock ( Turn hula hoop) The advancement, come from Shanghai, zhejiang and jiangsu nanjing, xuzhou, suqian, wuxi, zhenjiang, nantong, yancheng 35 teams such as nearly 500 contestants to participate. The attending primary sections of eight school ten teams, cross in miyun three-peat Hong Kong schools, a professional coach to guide the well-known giants gionee school, also has a large team of suqian experimental primary school, there are several schools in suzhou, taicang local, is superior and fierce competition. Rugao dispatching grinding head school four women took part in the men and women team, the four men's doubles, mixed doubles and individual multi-select events such as counter, team game. Grinding head school shuttlecock women fought tenaciously, phenomenal: individual counter match game people more sophomore hundred people, girls play a special skill, play a calm and gains much choose first; Wai pain don't sort, rugao school grinding head pain NBA teams dare to challenge adults, photographed, kick the shuttlecock 5 minutes 290, third place, many years of elders pay homage; Shuttlecock competitive events, grinding small player or trampled or pick, or before or after, it challenges the enemy, repeatedly lead against the enemy. Rugao school grinding head pain NBA team eight woman in breaststroke, crown at one of the eight projects, a total of 40 pieces of top three monuments and three honorary certificate, 53 provincial shuttlecock award, be the big winner of the largest in the race team, shocked the whole again, highlights the rugao grinding head school comparatively overall strength. Rugao school grinding head pain NBA teams practice & other; Struggle, dare to rushed to merit, perseverance, solidarity and cooperation throughout the &; Shuttlecock spirit, diligent in training, the normal clock to the honorary certificate and monuments to cast in sweat won honorary certificate monuments, to participate in the province for 8 years the highest level of shuttlecock game, how fast have crown 200 monuments, women are regarded as grinding small competition are & other; Throughout the school & devil; 。 It is understood that the month 25, rugao school grinding head pain NBA teams will go to Shanghai to attend the 2019 China youth shuttlecock open, hope rugao school grinding head pain NBA teams can again get benefits to the provinces.
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