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Teach you how to through the acrylic products identify the tip of the acrylic material

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-25
A good material to produce a good product, so only good quality acrylic material can produce good acrylic products. If you use inferior materials made of acrylic products, so in the long run is there will be a yellow, black, and the phenomenon of deformation, so use good quality acrylic material is critical. How do we identify the quality of the acrylic material? Don't worry, let the acrylic products support a move small make up for you. 1, general good quality acrylic material, its soft glue on the edge of the packing is good, if inferior looks the color is very complex. 2, if you want to test the quality of the acrylic material, then you can try to use fire, because good material is not easy to burn, and inferior is flammable. 3, inferior acrylic materials in commonly after baking will be difficult to separate, but good is not very sticky. Light transmittance of 4, good quality acrylic material is relatively high, there may be yellowing phenomenon and inferior, and without burnish. 5, view the corresponding certificate or manual, see whether conform to, there are generally inferior material to cut corners.
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