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The advantages of both plastic and glass acrylic bottle

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-03
Acrylic ( Organic glass) Bottle, its raw materials chemical known as PMMA, in the field of cosmetic packaging bottle, acrylic bottle is widely used in high-grade cream, emulsion, such as cosmetic packaging, welcomed deeply by the market. Chinese think acrylic bottle bottles net has the characteristics of plastic: resistance to fall off, light, easy colored, easy processing, low cost, and with glass bottles of beautiful appearance, texture features. Meaning that it lets the cosmetics manufacturers with the appearance of the cost of plastic bottles for glass bottles, but also make it with resistance to fall off, transport, etc. At present, the domestic acrylic cosmetic bottle manufacturers more concentrated place is zhejiang shangyu, the factory here in China is also the first start to the production of acrylic packaging, the product sells in distant markets the European and American cosmetic packing market. Although acrylic bottle was a great success in the cosmetics market, but in the field of food, medicine and other packaging has not won a wide range of applications, it is also worth acrylic bottle manufacturer to grope and explore an area.
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