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The advantages of laser cutting acrylic and application field

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-18
Laser cutting generally applied in: electrical switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, food machinery, textile machinery, locomotive manufacturing, food machinery, petroleum machinery manufacturing, aerospace, environmental protection equipment, household appliances manufacturing, large motor silicon steel sheets, acrylic, etc all kinds of machinery processing industry. The advantages of laser cutting: a, good cutting quality: non-contact cutting, trimming heating effect is small, basically there is no thermal deformation of workpiece, completely avoid the material formed when punching and shearing edge collapse, generally do not need to undertake secondary processing kerf width. Two, will not be affected by cutting material hardness: laser on steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hard alloy, such as processing, whatever the hardness, can be cutting processing. Three, don't work injury hardware: laser cutting head not with contact surface of material, absolutely will not scratch the hardware work. Four, are not subject to the work in the shape of a hardware: laser machining flexibility is very good, can any graphics processing, can also be cutting pipes and other profiles. Five, high precision, position precision in 0. 6 mm, repeat positioning accuracy in 0. 3 mm six, narrow kerf width: focused laser beam into a smaller light spot, make its focus will achieve high power density, material quickly heated to the extent of the gasification, holes are formed when the evaporation. Seven, cutting surface is very smooth: cut surface without burr, control the rough surface incision DuDu generally Ra11. Less than 6. Eight, the nonmetal material cutting processing: such as plastic, wood, PVC, leather, textile products, acrylic and so on. Nine, to save the mould investment: laser cutting does not need to use mould, no mold consumption, do not need to repair the mile mould, saves the time of the mould replacement, thereby saving the cost of processing, but also reduce the production cost, very suitable for large products processing. Ten, increase the speed of new product development: after drawing forming, immediately, laser processing can be done, in a very short period of time can get the physical processing products.
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