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The analysis of the causes of each industry need to customize the breastpiece

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-10
Whenever we go to buy a computer, mobile phone, the checking, when buying a car. When we arrived at the store, sales staff will appear at this time, the customer all kinds of information. And every salesperson chest with a breastplate, so customers can be found very directly to the customer. In fact, in addition to these places to other industries, now generally use badges, badges are small, but all-sided. Material can be made of a variety, specifications, shapes, printing, it is a small play. Can reflect a company or an enterprise's characteristic, and can use the most concise way to reflect the most information. The breastpiece is so popular is mainly the following: 1. Name badges can standardize management of the company. 2. Badges can improve the image of the company as a whole. 3. The breastpiece profile reflects a company's corporate culture. The breastpiece make material usually has the following kinds: the breastpiece make made of metal, PVC, crystal, acrylic, epoxy resin, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and so on. The breastpiece make unlimited number of color, the breastpiece make can do waterproof, sunscreen, deformation processing. Breastplate worn by the production and design, is a rope hanging type or paste type or pin type. The breastpiece make all kinds of different materials: imitation enamel badges: the surface is smooth. The lacquer that bake the breastpiece make: hand feels a sense of line is raised, line color is recessed filled in. But the painted surface can be plastic, drops after the plastic is smooth. Bite the breastpiece make: has the line feeling, bite version to slightly exquisite, general bite plate products suitable for thin a thin breastplate. Stamping is not color: only do polishing effect of electroplating processing can be, also known as the metal is not color the breastpiece, general surface bright gold or bright nickel, the breastplate general sand bottom concave down, also known as the frosted breastplate. Printing the breastpiece make: do not have line feeling, is through print, polly, on the face to print badges can print all kinds of complex color, color is not restricted, monochrome, gradient can be printed. Zinc alloy badges production: the cross section is usually slightly slanted, look have stereoscopic effect, general 3 d badges, or have LvKong passes made by zinc alloy. Metal badges materials mainly by the thickness of 0. 6 mm copper as the main material, through the corrosion, electroplating, fill oil or screen printing, stamping molding, finally drops of gel products. Metal badges fine craftsmanship, elegant appearance, noble and elegant. Show class has more than ordinary breastplate is more durable, not fade variant etc, which fully reflects the enterprise certain cultural connotation.
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