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The breastpiece custom: breastplate is enterprise image spokesperson

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-21
With the development of social economy, people more and more pay attention to the shaping of image. So both enterprises and schools, and government agencies. People will name badges. It is like the second id card, prove that each person's identity and unique. Badges also called nag, and badge, badge, XiongHui, CARDS, etc. The breastpiece shape of square, rectangle, round, oval and other specifications. The breastpiece production using simple AoTuGan to product quality, performance can be electroplated on the surface of the color. By utilizing the breastplate is made after grinding tool, the pressure from above the sheet metal stamping, so as to produce the required shape products. Badges: badges is the enterprise image spokesperson: badges can establish a good image in the public, to enterprise's sustainable development for a long time. The breastpiece is the best gift: to motivate employees in the employee's birthday on a commemorative badges, let staff feel the warmth of home. In making outstanding contributions for the enterprise employees, on a commemorative medal, let people experience a sense of achievement. The breastpiece will let more people to remember you: because of the particularity of material decided the breastplate, unlike paper materials easy to damage, can let more people remember, and has a certain collection value. Metal badges with its convenient wearing, the fashion design, many enterprises are being quoted as employee badges, its inherent fashion features has made people fondle admiringly. The design of the fashion breath in the changeable space feeling nature, enterprise culture fusion let a person pure and fresh and fashion sense of touch any circumstances appear natural. Metal badges application: the lobby manager, foreman, security guard, a cashier, competent, hospitality, chef, dishes, cleaner, manager, the manager, assistant, electrician, beautician, waiter, etc. Scope: property management, logistics, Banks, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, KTV, foot bath shop, auto 4 s shop, large entertainment venues, etc. Crossbow, arts and crafts professional breastplate customization, badges, enterprise made the breastpiece, employee badges, badge custom hotel, etc. , welcome your consultation! 13310812313 miss guo breastplate custom: http://www. ysgou。 com/xpdz. 超文本标记语言
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