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The charm of acrylic product dynamic | | kay rick organic glass products factory, acrylic products factory

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-05
The charm of acrylic products, acrylic products everywhere, ordinary but again dazzling, in each big market is filled with them, they act as green leaves, the noble efforts to foil the cosmetics and fashion, foil the bright light of jewelry, acrylic products are graced world brand companies, such as: swarovski ( The world famous jewelry manufacturer) Acrylic products in the cosmetics industry, such as: SK II exactly is what reason, let the acrylic products in all walks of life deeply, why do companies use it to enhance the company's products brand, what did it? Here are ten characteristics of acrylic material: 1. Good weather resistance, acid-proof alkaline can not by themselves or phenomena of yellowing and hydrolysis of 2. Long life compared with other material products, more than thirty years of life 3. Pervious to light resistance can reach more than 92%, the light intensity is small, save electricity 4. Resistance to impact strength is common glass 16 times, suitable for installation in special need security zone 5. Good performance of insulation is suitable for various electrical equipment 6. Lighter than common glass half light dead weight, small seven buildings and stents under load. Colorful, high brightness is other material can't than 8. Processing and shaping plasticity model change is big, easy to nine. Can high recovery rate to 10 increasingly strengthen environmental protection consciousness. Maintenance convenient, easy to clean the rain can be natural cleaning, or with soap and soft cloth is swabbed can acrylic material of benign, can realize the possibility of unexpected, this is a kind of power, this is the charm of acrylic products!
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