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The charm of the trophy - Star also sad love of trophies

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-31
The trophy is not only our people yearning, especially all kinds of game title, that's crazy, the NBA star players also have language can't describe the love for the trophy. American professional basketball championship trophy by 14. Five pounds sterling silver, plated with 24 k gold. Only the strongest and most lucky team didn't deserve it. It is regarded as a symbol of honor, because it will let players excited and tears. Many players and even think that this is the ultimate pursuit of their careers. Can be seen from the following four great NBA star's love in the title: the 2016 NBA finals, the Cleveland cavaliers in 1:3 backward under the extreme condition of the final three games, the last clutching belonging to their championship MEDALS, James Huang zhan FMVP. There is no doubt that James is Cleveland's absolute hero. On clutching a championship medal at that moment, huang zhan cry bitterly, this man has turned 30, career. I think when he left the cavs to join the heat, he won't be understood, be scolded, burned shirt. But in the end, he came back, with the championship trophy proved himself, won in Cleveland, the respect of the people. This probably is the beauty of the championship trophy. Over the course of his career, Bryant has won five championship trophy. In this photo, Bryant took five trophies in a row, holding them with open arms, a full face of spoil. This medal has confirmed the iverson 20 years football on the road every one glorious moment, they are play iverson huawei chang, therefore, corvino ecological infatuated with them. In 2014, the SAN Antonio spurs held the NBA championship medal. Surprisingly, after a series of title celebrations, the title of one of the heroes Tony & middot; Parker & other; Shamelessly & throughout; The trophy back to his home. You know, this title but the team of common property, maybe parker is want to take this? ! In fact, the truth of the matter is, parker trophy & other; Steal & throughout; Home, just to give him at that time as a newborn baby son mark. Can't help letting people sigh with emotion: the cup is a good thing. If it really lost, the spurs may cry in the toilet fainted. Soup god is always very calm on the pitch, even if they scored 37 points in one area, they won't show any sadness. Fans considered him & other; The Buddha & throughout; 。 When trophies Tang Shen, however, he is not so & other; No desire and lust & throughout; 。 In this photo, I see a hand, her chin cupped in Tang Shen stared at him in front o 'brien cup carefully. Small eyes of god completely exposed his little idea: the trophy is really beautiful, I also want to take it home. The basketball gods Jordan have no title? Don't lack of course! However, even though he took so many championships, he will still have their surge of emotion surge, or even hide your face and wept bitterly. Yes, it is not easy, although this is a boy on others in the game called & other God & throughout; , but, he is a flesh every child, he also desires, for the championship MEDALS, he can't no love, no love, like a child made his love of playing the same.
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