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The difference between organic glass and glass! Be sure to watch

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-10
Organic glass, acrylic commonly known as many outsiders to think organic glass is a kind of glass, it's not. Organic glass belongs to a new type of plastic products, looks like glass crystal clear, but compared with the common glass has a lot of difference. Acrylic products has good transparency, stability, it is in the family, shopping malls, Banks, etc with a wide range of function, it has easy processing, easy dyeing, beautiful appearance and characteristics. Acrylic products than common glass products design is more than common glass products, acrylic products, color and specifications and so on various aspects are more abundant than common glass products, acrylic products, colorful bright color is gorgeous, and acrylic complete specifications, be free to let their own ideas to create the desired effect. Acrylic products, better than the traditional glass shape, acrylic can be processed into various shapes, modelling freedom not restricted; Fastness acrylic materials has resistance capability is strong, fall off not easily broken, light and strong workability, is not so heavy glass and acrylic products, its quality is lightsome facilitate mobile transportation.
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