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The difference between zinc alloy badges and tin alloy badge

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-23
In the badge production, some customers need to do some high quality and fine workmanship, stereo effect performance strong badge, usually common stamping process is difficult to achieve, would then advise clients or tin alloy with zinc alloy to make the badges. Above is: custom zinc alloy badge above for: custom badge badge tin alloy zinc alloy and tin alloy badge is as part of the metal badges, but still some differences between them: zinc alloy badge adopt the die casting mould clamping, products fine workmanship, edges and clear, design text is clearly visible, and high hardness than tin, has good wear resistance, smooth surface castings, polishing is not easy to deformation of sand holes, less surface treatment can be performed, such as electroplating, spray, spray paint, etc. No zinc alloy tin alloy hardness is strong, easy to touch damage characteristics, using silicon mold during production, and because of the quality of a material soft, low melting point, can welding characteristics, suitable for complex products such as hollow out or hollow!
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