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The existence of the birth of acrylic lampshade set practical and beautiful

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-14
This round of acrylic lampshade looks a little bit more simple, less complicated. And fluent line, the contracted or Jane European space can be very good control, transparent lampshade can well integrated into a variety of natural space. Nowadays, LED lighting has been gradually accepted by the market, but the problem of the lampshade has plagued manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, should not only have high light transmittance do premise, at the same time, to do is quite light diffusion rate and good concealment of the light source. Initially use glass chimney, but glass is fragile, and the spread of the light effect is not very good, it is difficult to meet the lighting requirements. Later evolved to use resin instead of glass, but if only the use of transparent resin in chimney, while the high light transmittance, basic can reach more than 90%, but the spread of the light effect is not ideal, concealment of the light source. White resin, its light transmittance is too low, seriously affected the LED lighting. Acrylic, however, is a good way to solve these problems, acrylic has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing, nice appearance, accordingly, acrylic lampshade also have some function of the acrylic material. Noble allow organic glass processing factory will provide you with a best light-box solution, perfection the quality lighting effect.
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