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The illustration medal wooden production process

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-03
Wooden MEDALS, just as its name implies is the base of the MEDALS is wood. Of course, the wood is good wood, that is more valuable annatto raw material. Annatto we all heard, annatto is expensive, first, because of its scarcity, scarcity value,; Second, mahogany wood, hard texture clear and beautiful, resistant to decay, easy to save, by furniture collectors alike. Small make up today for you is the atmosphere of wooden medal wooden diy tutorial. Hope that through the understanding craftsmen can also understand related the production of wooden diagram. Main material: domestic annatto, laser cutting machine, wire saw, wood oil, sand paper and so on. Production steps: wooden made up with ease, and super good-looking and practical, craftsmen want to have? Cut the mahogany into square, and then according to the different shape of MEDALS concrete cutting, design good graphic with laser engraving machine carving a design in the above. Step 1: the design pattern of medal wooden wooden design can be various, but the final purpose is used as the base of the MEDALS, wooden ornaments is not only beautiful can when is the best. General wooden MEDALS can be placed in individual office, or his own study, desk and other places, not only have adornment effect, also express the role of other signs. Step 2: use a laser cutting machine the draft design of import laser engraving cutting machine, and then began carving can command. Step 3: clean down the wood grain on polishing, because if the texture is rubbed against, will leave apparently permanent scratches. Then gradually switch to more and more fine sandpaper to uniform, thoroughly polished wood surface, make it smooth. Step 4: import UV three-dimensional droplets plastic film using imported UV three-dimensional droplets plastic film, the entire sign more smooth and beautiful, but also protect the MEDALS. Step 5: a lot of finished products the use of wooden medal situations, can be used as the agent authorization, advanced individual honorary certificate, group elite MEDALS, all kinds of authorization association unit, all kinds of qualification certificates, etc. Craftsmen diy a solid wood coasters, modelling diversity, what you like do what shape modelling.
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