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The importance of the badge production industry salesman!

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-17
Badge production process with a long history in China, especially & other; The Olympic emblem & throughout; 、“ The expo emblem & throughout; 、“ Asian games emblem & throughout; Has led to the development of China's badge production process, a good badge manufactory has a group of outstanding salesman sales, generally badge factory has several trinket salesman, every customer development, communication with customers, answer customer's questions, to help customers make badge, etc. Customers in the consultation badges, they do not understand all aspects of the badges, badge when the salesman will patiently answer with them. Sometimes customers will provide a sketch of the badges, badge as a qualified salesman, should quickly give badge production process, in the further communication with customers, help customers to choose the most suitable badge production process. Made badge has limited production time, some customers think badges can be completed within three or four days, then you need badge salesman to tell customers, detailed process of badges, from drawing to confirm the drawings, to the production and transportation, the minimum not less than seven days time. So the salesman to tell clients badge should have plenty of time, it is best to half a month in advance, so as to have the badge quality guarantee. So a badge with high qualification and the quality of service good business salesman, is a key to win the badge production order across the country.
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