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The issuance of a chicken 2017 commemorative COINS and collection value

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-11

Commemorative COINS issued time: 2017 chicken first appointment time: industrial and commercial bank of China, agricultural bank of China, bank of China and China construction bank on December 28, 2016 to January 3, 2017 for new COINS to make an appointment. First exchange time: new currency in January 2017, 4 solstice January 24 to handle reservation for first time. The public at the prescribed time, the valid identity certificate, registered in the reservation system to the appointed booking outlets to exchange business. Booking not change new currency exchange period booking. Reservation number: new COINS per booking for limit is 40. In need of public, such as generation of others to get the new currency is stepped in the reservation system registration valid identity certificate of the original, and the number of cut no more than five people. 2017 chickens COINS have precious metal commemorative COINS and ordinary COINS. Precious metal commemorative COINS with gold and silver, ordinary COINS is double color of copper alloy. Precious metals series plan was issued in November, ordinary COINS estimation is December, this is expected, there will be subject to publication of 2017 chicken hesui COINS in circulation: now issued commemorative COINS are billion of basic unit, chicken in May is bigger than the monkey circulation. Commemorative collection value: 2017 chicken chicken BiMianZhi should also is 10 yuan, for the second round of monkey coin and currency is 10 yuan, but the market needs to see a circulation. 10 yuan 2017 chickens, commemorative COINS, double color material to pledge, circulation of 500 million. Combined with monkey COINS of 2016 in 500 million, commemorative COINS market cannot fire again, still the face value, to make local currency traders have rejected. If parity exchange to two chickens in the bank, can put a put in the hand, is the most lost interest, are inferior to also won't break, can bo bo next round. Commemorative COINS, custom-made, choose crossbow, arts and crafts, more new knowledge about the COINS

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