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The making craft of metal badges archaize badge manufacturers

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-24
Metal badges in the process of production, each process is critical, such as drawing, even simple line, is the key, it is the first step on the badge production, on the basis of it and all subsequent work, engraving is need on the drawings, if was not subsequent researchers found that fewer lines will all invalid processing, stamping, pay special attention to align the mould polishing quality also nots allow to ignore, must to the suit, electroplating also is critical, especially the gilded, electroplating time must handle well, otherwise it is easy to appear off color, the follow-up is fill color, fill color, like the faces of people, generally belong to the manual operation, technical staff are needed to operate, can avoid some magazines on the color, the bottom of problems, such as after completion of the above process, such as metal badges will be ready to pack the goods.
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